One-stop solution for your website protection

The fastest and most reliable website backup service, tracking all your changes every day, CodeGuard can be expanded according to your business and customers' business needs.


Personal Edition

1 site


28 /monthly
¥35 save20%

Professional Edition

12 sites


218.4 /monthly
¥273 save20%

Team Edition

25 sites


442.4 /monthly
¥553 save20%

Small Business Edition

100 sites


1673 /monthly
¥1338.4 save-25%

CodeGuard Protects Your Safety

Protect your own website

With CodeGuard, you can easily protect your website and backup it. The setup is simple and easy to use.

  • Malware monitoring and repair
  • Enterprise-level backup made easy
  • Daily file change monitoring report
  • WordPress plugin
  • one click recovery

CodeGuard Product Features

Daily automatic backup

System automatically backs up data daily, and effectively reduces the backup space through incremental backup.

Malware removal

The function of CodeGuard MalwareGone can effectively identify and remove malware.

Notification of document changes

CodeGuard monitors daily website file changes and automatically sends status reports.

WordPress plugin

CodeGuard provides WordPress plugins that allow you to easily backup and restore WordPress sites.

Multiple disaster recovery centers

CodeGuard provides data backup centers from the United States, Europe and other places, allowing you to quickly back up your website.

Website migration

Through the function of website backup and recovery, CodeGuard can make your website migration easy.

Agent CodeGuard

You can provide website backup services to your customers through the agent CodeGuard, thereby improving data security. CodeGuard eliminates technical complexity and makes data backup offsite a simple matter.

  • Marketing kit
  • Professional support
  • Easy integration
  • Increase customer trust
  • increase income
  • Reduce service
    Support cost
  • Differentiation
    Hosting service
  • Detail report

Protect your customer's website

With CodeGuard, you can easily protect your customer's website and increase service satisfaction.

  • Automatic customer website vulnerability scanning
  • Implement enterprise-level backup services
  • White label background management page
  • Custom product package
  • Provide WordPress integration plugin
  • Website information change monitoring

CodeGuard Q&A

CodeGuard Q&A

QHow is CodeGuard stability and security?

CodeGuard uses the AWS platform for data backup. This system guarantees 99.999999999% data availability. At the same time, all data and connection configuration information are encrypted and stored, and are tested and evaluated by a third-party audit agency. At present, there is no accident of successful attack and data leakage.

QDo I need to install CodeGuard system on the server to use CodeGuard?

Using CodeGuard does not require any software to be installed on the existing web server. Just configure your server address, FTP account, database account information, and website root directory in CodeGuard background.

QWill using CodeGuard consume too much server resources?

CodeGuard will make a full backup when backing up the data for the first time, and download the data through FTP/SFTP without consuming too much server resources. Afterwards, during each daily backup, incremental processing will be done, but only the files that have been modified on the day will be updated, and the load on the server will be lighter.

QWhat database types does CodeGuard support?

Currently, CodeGuard can support MySQL, MariaDB and MSSQL databases. Database types such as PostgreSQL, SQLite, and MongoDB are currently not supported.

QWho should I contact if there is a problem with CodeGuard backup?

Ruicheng Information is a partner of CodeGuard. We provide technical support. If there is a system-level problem, we will help contact CodeGuard to deal with it.