Document Signing Certificate

Document signing certificates provide trusted assurance of authentication for electronically transmitted documents by validating author and document. The digital certificate enables electronic documents more secure and reliable. Most PDF file formats are supported, including Adobe PDF. Usually it takes 3-5 workdays issuance to obtain your document signing certificate.

Most Popular Document Signing Certificate

Individual PDF Document Certificate


3~10 days


RSA 2048/3072/4096 & ECC


Enterprise PDF Document Certificate


1~3 days


RSA 2048/3072/4096 & ECC


Document Signing by an Individual

  • Verify the Individual identity
  • Display Signer's Name and Signature
  • Unlimited Signatures
  • Support Most PDF File Formats, including Adobe PDF.

Document Signing by an Organization

Why Choose Document Signing Certificate?

More Environmental

Document signing certificate is designed to apply in the scenario that people work without paperless office to digitally sign any documents.

Visual Trust Indicators

Expose document tampering with clear visual indicators.

Verify Signer’s Identity

Document signing certificate can authenticate author’s identity and the recipient also can review a trusted digital signature on the document.

Legal Compliance

Like handwriting signature, legally binding for digital signature documents overseas.

High-level Security

With strongest security, the digital certificate support RSA algorithm, 2048-bit keys, SHA256-bit encryption to protect your document.

Time Stamping

Verify when code is signed and determine whether the signature is valid.

Document Signing Certificate Q&A


QViewing Requirements:

Adobe Reader, Acrobat or other PDF software compatible that supports certificate-signed PDF documents.

QIs Certificate-signed PDF Document Legally Binding?

The legal compliance of digital signed document varies in different countries. At present, the document signing certificate issued by global CA is legally binding in Europe, America and China.

QWhat is the Process of Verifying a Document Signing Certificate?

The stringent verification process usually includes the identity of applicant (that is individual or organization), business license, and the address of individual or the entity to confirm its physical existence. Meanwhile, business credit reporting may be validated for authenticity.