Email Signing Certificate (s/mime)

Encrypts and secures your email content and attachments by digitally signing with our Email Sigining certificates. Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME) protocol ensures message integrity so that senders and recipients of email can verify that the content they are sharing is legitimate and trusted. The global trusted CA provides the highest level of encryption and security for your email. S/MIME certificate can be issued successfully within 1-3 work days.

FeaturesPersonal S/MIMEPro S/MIME




Used forPersonal emailPersonal & corporate email
Recommended forIndividualsIndividuals or small businesses
Term length1,2,3 Years1,2,3 Years
ValidationEmail address onlyName, email address, domain & organization
Issuance TimeframeWithin 5-10 minutesWithin 3-7 workdays
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Personal S/MIME Certificate

  • Recommended for individual email
  • Email address validated only & fast issuance
  • Digitally sign Microsoft Office and OpenOffice documents
  • Protect email content and attachments from phishing and interception

Pro S/MIME Certificate

Why Choose S/MIME Certificate?

Email Encryption

S/MIME certificate can digitally sign and encrypt your mail and attachments, and only the recipient of the email can read the content.


The digital signing with S/MIME certificate proves where the message originated and that it has not been tampered with.


The recipients can verify the sender’s identity and conetents of the signed and encrypted mail that can prevent being phished effectively.

High Compatibility

System is compatible with all mainstream mail management platforms and also supports all mainstream browsers.

Stay Compliant

Email encryption is now a requirement to stay compliant with many regulations including: US Federal - DFARS, NIST & ITAR, GDPR, HIPAA.


With an S/MIME certificate, low cost but more secure for your mail. It can be issued for multi years at a time.

S/MIME Certificate Q&A

S/MIME Certificate Q&A

QHow does email signature work?

S/MIME certificates work by verifying the authenticity and identity of the sender, encrypting the email content and attachments and assuring the message integrity. This provides assurances that the data is transmitted without being tampered with or altered in any way by a third party.

QWhat organizations are required to utilize digital signature in email?

Email encryption is now a requirement to stay compliant with many regulations including: GDPR, HIPAA and other global organizations, if not, these emails you send are invalid. Therefore, an S/MIME certificate is necessary if you communicate with them by email.

QWhat should I do if requiring certificates for all employees?

If you require scale of S/MIME certificates to ensure everyone’s email security, please contact our sales manager for volume pricing.