Cooperative Enterprises Directory


Aliyun, a subsidiary of Alibaba Group, was founded in 2009. It is dedicated to creating an open, public platform for global cloud computing services. Plenty of large-scale data centers of Aliyun are all over the world, and its cloud services cover more than 200 countries. It had been one of the fastest growing cloud computing companies in the global IaaS market in 2016.


Bisend, an integrated online service sales platform, offers retails all the necessary features for website building. It aims at becoming users' website building manager, making the website building as simple as online shopping. It can provides a series of website building tools, including managed cloud hosting, domains, SSL certificates, and enterprise emails, to the world's users.


Founded in November 1999, Cloudmax is a well-regarded hosting service provider in Taiwan. It is dedicated to providing web services including domain registration, web hosting, digital certificates, online transaction, e-commerce, cloud hosting, etc., for Taiwanese enterprises and non-profit organizations.


Founded in 2010, Hengchuang Technology is the host brand of SonderCloud Limited (Hong Kong), and it is the full member of APNIC and ARIN. Hengchuang Technology mainly provides products and services such as virtual hosting based on Linux environment, VPS/cloud server, independent server rental, and enterprise e-mail.

Huawei Cloud

As a subsidiary of Huawei Group, Huawei Cloud was founded in 2011. It has R&D and operation organizations in Beijing, Shenzhen, Nanjing, and the United States and other places. Huawei Cloud focuses on technical research and ecological expansion in the field of public cloud, which is committed to providing users with one-stop cloud computing infrastructure services.

Laoxue Host

Laoxue Host was established in October 2008, focusing on providing domain registration and cost-effective overseas virtual hosting space services. It has more than 20 servers in multiple computer rooms in Los Angeles, Tokyo, Japan and Hong Kong. Laoxue Host has won the honorary titles such as "Top Ten Hosts of Review Website about Hosting" and "Top Five Hosts of Hong Kong Hosts of the Year".


CNDNS is a professional platform of Shanghai Meicheng Technology Information Co., Ltd. for operating virtual hosting, domain registration and query and IDC services. It was founded in 2006 and headquartered in Shanghai that located in the center of the bustling Lujiazui Financial and Trade Business District. CNDNS has six branches in Shenzhen , Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Beijing, and now has been the top ten hosts in China.


Pumo was established in 2003, focusing on the field of hosting services. It is a leading hosting service provider in Taiwan, specializing in virtual hosting, hosting, internet marketing and other services. To meet customer needs, Pumo is dedicating to providing customers with integrated solutions rather than simple products, which has won the favor of users in Taiwan finally.


Founded in 2000, Guangdong Eranet Technology Co., Ltd. is the first batch of domain registrars certified by ICANN and CNNIC in China. It is a well-known Internet application service provider based on cloud computing. It also provides a series of information services such as domain registration, virtual hosting at home and abroad, cloud hosting, enterprise e-mail, website building, multi-line DNS, cloud server, server rental, server hosting, etc.

Tencent Cloud

Based on Tencent's years of experience in Internet services, Tencent Cloud is created as a public cloud platform for enterprises and individuals to provide solutions for games, videos, mobile applications. Tencent Cloud has 19 service nodes around the world, not only offering cloud servers, cloud storage and other basic cloud services, but also large data services about Tencent Cloud Analytics.


Ucloud Established in 2012, UCloud is a well-known domestic basic cloud computing service provider and an innovative cloud service platform for resource integration. It has long been focusing on the mobile Internet field and has a deep understanding of mobile Internet business scenarios and users’ needs. Up to now, UCloud has provided services for nearly 40,000 enterprises, and the number of indirect service users has exceeded 800 million.


TrustAsia is a brand of Asia Digital Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., which apply in the field of information security. As the Symantec’s Asia Pacific Platinum Partner and Asia Pacific Chief Security Technology Expert’s strategic partner, TrustAsia is dedicated to offering the highest quality network security services in the e-commerce, finance and other fields, and becoming a pioneer in Internet information services in Asia.

Taiwan Yi-fe

Founded in 1996, Taiwan Yi-fe is a senior network service provider in Taiwan. Its business scope includes domain registration, virtual hosting, cloud hosting, physical hosting, SSL certificates, etc. It is committed to providing a one-stop network services for individual webmasters and SMEs with high quality and fast service to win the trust of users.