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NicSRS offers cloud-based PKI solutions and local PKI solutions with Globally trusted CAs to manage digital certificates such as SSL/TLS, code signing, and S/MIME for your enterprise. This ensures the security and reliability of your enterprise digital ecosystem, verifying the identities of enterprise users, devices and services so as to establish a trustworthy network environment.

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PKI Solutions

Cloud-based PKI Solution

Cloud-based PKI certificates can protect applications hosted in the cloud. By utilizing an integrated certificate management solution, all digital certificates in the cloud and across the entire enterprise ecosystem can be automatically discovered, issued and updated. This ensures smooth operation of applications and eliminates the hassle of building and maintaining a PKI system on your own, allowing you to focus more on your core business.

  • Managing certificates by professionals
  • Flexibly expand the certificates you need
  • Quickly deployed on the Cloud, no need to worry about IT maintenance

Local PKI Solution

Local PKI achieves identity authentication and data encryption for internal servers, systems, and employees of the enterprise by issuing private digital certificates. Enterprises utilizing a private PKI must provide necessary support in design, development, implementation, and maintenance, which can be time-consuming and entail additional costs.

  • No reliance on the internet or external factors
  • Enterprises have control over internal systems, software and hardware devices
  • Controllable total cost, one-time payment for user licenses


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PKI Solution Q&A

QWhy do enterprises need to use PKI?


By using PKI (public key infrastructure), enterprises can significantly improve the security level of their networks. There are three major benefits:

  • Identity authentication: Provide identity information for the user or device to ensure the authenticity of the connection or access.
  • Data encryption: Encrypt the information in transmission to prevent against information leakage.
  • Digital signature: The signature algorithm ensures the data integrity of the transmitted information or electronic documents and prevents the information from being tampered with.

QWhat are public and private keys? And the relationship between them?


Public and private keys are used to encrypt and decrypt messages. Only the corresponding private key can decrypt the information encrypted by the public key. This is because the public key and the private key are a key pair generated by an asymmetric encryption algorithm. The key pair obtained by this algorithm is guaranteed to be unique in the world. When using this key pair, if a piece of data is encrypted with one of the keys, it must be decrypted with the other key. For example, if you encrypt data with a public key, you must decrypt it with a private key, and vice versa. Otherwise decryption will not be successful.

QShould we choose to use a private CA or a purchased hosted CA?


You can use a private CA to protect on-premises services (e.g., VPN, Wi-Fi, Wiki, etc.). However, building and maintaining a private CA can be both expensive and time-consuming. Therefore, you need to consider the cost of each approach before making a decision. Many reputable CAs offer hosted PKI solutions that can save you some of the hardware, software and personnel costs involved in building your own local PKI.

QHow to start creating a PKI?


First, you need to consider your needs and evaluate enterprise application environment with the technologies you are using. We recommend starting with these five steps:

  • Determine cybersecurity risks that cannot be changed.
  • Identify the cybersecurity risks that PKI can reduce.
  • Develop supporting facilities for public and private PKI.
  • Decide whether to build your own private CA or purchase a hosted CA
  • Determine how digital certificates can be automatically delivered to devices

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