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Top SSL certificates Top SSL certificates

Top SSL certificates

Secure your websites and businesses at low cost

SSL certificates are specially designed for individuals and enterprises to establish a safe and encrypted environment between clients and your servers and also to boost customers’ trust to business with you by HTTPS security. NicSRS is an authorized reseller of leading CAs like Digicert, Sectigo, Geotrust, GlobalSign, Entrust, Thawte, and offers many different types of SSL certificate solutions at unbeatable price on the market.

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SSL Certificate Types

SSL cert types DV SSL certificate OV SSL certificate EV SSL certificate
Trust level
Validation procedure Domain ownership
  • Domain ownership
  • Organization identity
  • Domain ownership
  • Organization identity
  • Telephone verification
Issuance time 3-5 minutes or less 1-3 business days 1-5 business days
Domain secured Available to a single domain, multi-domain and wildcard Available to a single domain, multi-domain and wildcard Both a single domain and multi-domain
Suitable for Personal blogs, startups, small or medium-sized businesses Medium to large official websites and platforms (OA, CRM, ERP, HRM, etc) and non-profits institutions E-commerce, banking, government, healthcare, social media
Features & benefits
  • No paperwork required
  • Immediate issuance
  • Low cost certificates
  • Basic industry-standard encryption
  • Organization authentication
  • Rpbust 256-bit symmetric encryption
  • Trust indicators – HTTPS & Padlock
  • Increase website credibility
  • Strong SSL Encryption
  • Highest level of authentication
  • Showcase organization name in address bar
  • Boost conversion & sales
  • Increase user’s trust and confidence
Hot SSL products

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hotPositiveSSL DV Wildcard SSL

hotPositiveSSL DV Multi-domain SSL

hotDigicert Basic OV Flex

hotSectigo OV Wildcard SSL

hotGeoTrust TrueBusiness ID OV Flex

hotSectigo EV SSL

hotDigicert Secure site EV Flex

hotPositiveSSL EV Multi-Domain

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More SSL Certificate Products

Wildcard SSL Certificates

Wildcard SSL Certificates are used for protecting your main domain and its first level unlimited sub-domains with one certificate. Moreover, the certificate is flexible for you to add or remove new subdomains later without reissuance. So a Wildcard SSL Certificate is a perfect option for these website masters that have a numerous subdomains and look for simplified SSL management and money & time-saving.

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Wildcard SSL Certificates

Multi-domain SSL Certificates

If an organization needs to secure multiple domains with a single certificate, then Multi-Domain (UCC/SAN) SSL certificate is your best choice. It is a affordable and conveninent solution – since Multi-domain certificate can protect up to 250 different Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDNs) and it allows to add more SANs with additional fees during certificate lifecycle.

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Multi-domain SSL Certificates

IP SSL Certificates

IP SSL certificate is specially designed for these enterprises to activate HTTPS and a padlock for IP addresses, effectively build a robust and reliable connection between clients and your servers. Both DV and OV SSL certificates can be utilized for a public IP address or multiple IP addresses.

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IP SSL Certificates

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How do I get an SSL certificate?

Order suitable cert

Order suitable cert

Submit CSR

Submit CSR

Validation completed

Validation completed

Access to cert

Access to cert

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FAQs on SSL certificates


What is SSL certificate?


SSL certificate is also called server identity certificate that is generally issued by a legitimate certificate authority. The main object of SSL certificate is to create a secure channel between the user’s browser and the web server for the transmission of data and information. Moreover, SSL certificates are one of the digital certificates which prove that the identity of the websites is authenticated and all the information sent to SSL installed website will stay encrypted with the help of SSL/TLS technology.


Why do I need an SSL certificate?

  • Generally speaking, it is the trend of website security industry.
  • First of all, according to the data security and privacy regulations of PCI-DSS, HIPAA/HITECH, GDPR, any website should meet data compliance, keep personal data private and secured. To avoid these sensitve information being tampered or compromised, SSL certificate can help to encypt ongoing information between two endpoints like the browser and the server.
  • Secondly, all browsers popup an unsafe warning to the website wihout SSL certificate, that is “Your connection is not private.” The untrusted website and poor experience result in a lot busniess loss. Thus, if you are website master, espcially online business owner then, your website must have SSL ceritifaces to bulid a private and encypted channel for your clients and customers. And what’s more, SSL also helps you increase your online revenue.
  • Therefore, to get website security solutions, please choose your right SSL certificates from right now!

What types of SSL certificates are available?


Every business has different web security needs and therefore, certificate authorities offer a wide range of SSL certificates. Currently, Domain Validation, Organization Validation, Extended Validation, Multi-domain(SAN/UCC), Wildcard, IP SSL certificate available in SSL industry. All types of certificate above are afforable at