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International Ecommerce Solution

NicSRS international ecommerce solution is primarily designed for Ecommerce websites. It offers services such as domain name registration, website HTTPS encryption, CDN, vulnerability scanning, and website backup, allowing merchants to focus more on their core business and worry less about the security and stability of their websites. The S/MIME certificate also supports sender identity recognition, enabling anti-phishing.

International Ecommerce Solution International Ecommerce Solution

International Ecommerce Solution Architecture

International Ecommerce Solution Architecture


The international ecommerce solution provides security reinforcement, speed enhancement, and backup functions for ecommerce websites.

Architecture Description

Built-in CDN service for faster and more secure website access.

Website backup, recovery, and file change monitoring to ensure website file security.

SSL certificate to improve search engine ranking, ensure communication security, and enhance website credibility.

Automatic vulnerability scanning, website security rating, and improved proactive defense capabilities.

Domain name, enterprise email, server maintenance tools, a one-stop solution for website operational issues.

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Features and Advantages


A small expense ensures the secure operation of a website.

Powerful features

Offering functions like CDN, WAF, backup, vulnerability scanning, SSL certificates, and more, a single management platform addresses security concerns.

Easy to Use

Enabling the service requires simple configuration, and even with just basic IT knowledge, you can achieve optimal security protection.

High Versatility

Supports various operating systems such as Linux, Windows, and multiple platforms including WordPress, Magento, Shopify, and more.

Secure and Reliable

Built upon top-tier global data centers, ensuring fast access, stable connections, and fundamental security.

One-stop Platform

Through the NicSRS management platform, one-stop solutions are provided for international ecommerce security management.

Ecommerce Solution Q&A

QIs record filing necessary to use the international ecommerce solution in China?


No. NicSRS CDN nodes are distributed globally, but for international ecommerce, there are no nodes within mainland China, so record filing is not necessary.

QWhere are data backups stored?


The system primarily uses AWS data centers, and data can be backed up to data centers in Europe, America, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, and other regions. All data are stored in encrypted form, ensuring the security of the information.

QCan I use an SSL certificate purchased from a third-party platform?


Yes. With our service, you can use SSL certificates purchased from anywhere, and upload them to the system backend without incurring any management fees. Additionally, we also welcome purchasing SSL certificates directly from NicSRS.

QFor domains registered with NicSRS, is identity verification required?


According to ICANN, all domain applicants must provide genuine, accurate and complete domain owner information. If you don’t comply with the requirements, your registration will be cancelled, so please prepare in advance the requirement information when registering a new domain.