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NicSRS Secured Enterprise Email

With more than ten years of experience in enterprise email service, we've found that sender IP blacklist and sender domain blacklist are the most common and difficult problems customers encounter when sending emails. sslTrus email system, powered by NicSRS, has summed up its own set of solutions which are provided free of charge to users of sslTrus secured email.

NicSRS Secured Enterprise Email NicSRS Secured Enterprise Email

sslTrus secured email free support

Deploy HTTPS secure access for email domains

Global deliverability

Only the optimal line, ensure email deliverability worldwide

Email migration

Migrate emails from the original email service provider to the new mailbox, simple and convenient.

Find the Right Plan for Your Business

NicSRS provides email products with different features and deployment methods, up to 50% off. Contact us for more details.

8 Advantages of NicSRS Enterprise Email

Global Deliverability

Independent nodes in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing, the US and more.

Enterprise Cloud

Make uploading, downloading and sharing much easier.

Stable System

All email servers are cloud-based and adopt a high availability and scalability architecture so as to ensure that emails won’t be affected if a server is down.

Secure and Reliable

Through behavioral analysis of senders, help customers avoid spam, virus, phishing email and security risks. SSL certificates ensure secure data transmission.

Data Backup

Multi-tiered and multi-copy storage, remote real-time backup of key data, accidental deletion recovery mechanism, data recovery within 7 days.

Attachment Online Preview

Better user experience without having to download

Dedicated IPs Supported

Frequent email sending can be restricted. NicSRS enterprise email allows you to send unlimited emails.

Scan to Log In

Scan QR code to log in after adding the email account, say goodbye to manually input account and password.

Enterprise Email Features

Product features
Session mode

Session mode

Browsing emails by subjects, correlating a set of emails exchanged in one session.

Stay mobile

Stay mobile

Create and manage your emails wherever and whenever, quickly set up iOS and Android.

Contacts management

Contacts management

Divided into domain contacts and personal contacts for easy management, automatic prompt when entering the recipient.

Anti-spam settings

Add anti-spam rules and sender whitelist and blacklist.

IP authorized login

Set default IP so that your email can't be logged in from other IP addresses.

Domain aliases for email client

Domain alias login supports pop, imap, and smtp methods.

Operation verification code

Verification code will be sent whenever there's an operation of deleting or changing user and administrator to increase security and prevent misoperations.

Search all

Fast email search based on email content or sender/recipient.


General attachments of up to 70MB and large attachments up to 2G.

Same domain aliases for email client

Same domain alias login supports pop, imap, and smtp methods.

Mass emails, hide recipients (show single recipient)

Make your emails feel more personalized and less spammy.

Email business card

Set sender signatures at the end of each email.

Multi-lingual interface

English, Chinese (traditional) and Chinese (simplified) supported. Switch anytime.

Email online migration

The admin is allowed to execute user email migration under the domain.

Email sync

Synchronize email messages across multiple email clients.

Product features


Easy to migrate the email messages in the original enterprise email to the new email.

Department management

Department management

Create email addresses for different departments to realize departmental customized management and sub-department hierarchical management.

Email monitoring

Email monitoring

Set monitoring accounts and monitored accounts to strengthen email management.

Custom settings

Change logo, icon and company profile.

Blacklist and whitelist

The blacklist is used to reject emails. The whitelist will not enable anti-spam and supports regular expressions.

Log analysis

Each email login and each admin operation are logged.

IP authorized login

Sending and receiving emails from IP addresses in the blacklist are impossible, preventing against brute-force attacks.

Mobile supported

Responsive to mobile web browsers.

Mailbox management

Enable, disable or modify a mailbox, set sending or receiving limits on a mailbox.

Applet supported

Log in from the email applet

Retrieve deleted emails

Deleted emails can be retrieved within 7 days.

Assign administrators

Assign multiple sub-administrators. You can also set managed mailboxes and restricted operations for sub-administrators.

Alias domain management

Up to 200 aliases and email domain change free of charge.

Set send time

Set send time in advance and the system will send your email according to the set time.

Third-party LDAP authentication

Supports integration with AD using LDAP for internal email services.

Enterprise Email Q&A

QCan I migrate to NicSRS email if I'm already using the enterprise email of another service provider?


Yes, NicSRS enterprise email allows email migration. You can migrate your email data by setting up your old email server and email protocol.

QI already own a domain that's registered with another registrar, can I use this domain and set up email addresses in NicSRS email?


Yes. We recommend that you buy domains from NicSRS, but you're able to use and set up email with domain names from other providers.

QHow to determine the number of email accounts and validity for my company?


Please determine the number of email accounts needed based on the number of employees. The more accounts you purchase, the lower the unit price will be. Considering business growth, it’s recommended to buy 20% more accounts to reduce cost. Discounts are available when you buy 3 years and more.