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Why Partner with NicSRS?


A variety of popular products and services in the industry from NicSRS make you start quickly your business and have priority of dividends in the booming market.


NicSRS’ partners are the leading enterprises in the industry. Our products are selected strictly to ensure the quality of products and services. So choose NicSRS that is choose reliability.


Gain access to a dedicated team with extensive knowledge and experience in the industry and support 7*24-hour customer service.


Provide best-of-breed sales and marketing tools such as popular business system and API designed to drive your business for partners.


Enjoy our full line of Internet solutions and products including SSL certificates, server control panels, domains, server rentals, cloud servers.


Accelerate revenue through multiple products and innovation of top products for channel partners and resellers.


Enjoy dedicated service and 24/7 technical support from China, Ukraine, the United States.


Offer in-demand products with generous margins for partners to improve competitiveness of sales.


SSL Certificate

NicSRS online deans in well-known SSL certificate brands from all over the world, including Digicert, Sectigo, GlobalSign, sslTrus, Entrust, Certum, etc.

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Server Control Panel

Whether building virtual hosting products or server configuration and management, server control panel can meet your needs well to reduce operational costs.

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Hosting Automation

The world's most popular hosting automation management system makes you to easily manage and start various Internet services, including domains, SSL certificates, virtual hosts, servers, etc.。

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Virtualization System

Easily build private cloud, public cloud, or hybrid cloud solutions through Virtualized systems such as VMWare, Openstack, and Virtuozzo, etc.


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Reseller Q&A

Reseller Q&A

QIs Reseller of NicSRS Charged?

There is no charge for our channel partner or reseller. After registering your account, you can contact us for business activation. As a reseller of NicSRS, you should have sales capabilities. These purchased products should be mainly provided to customers (not for yourself). Certainly, NicSRS will pre-set the buying price based on your estimated sales.

QDoes Reseller Need to Recharge Before Purchase?

Yes, but there is no limit on the amount of recharge for reseller, as long as the account balance is enough when purchasing products and services. All products and servers of NicSRS support prepayment rather than postpaid service.

QCan I Refund the Product Purchased?

We set the refund rules according to the requirements of the different service providers. For example, most SSL certificates support 30 days refund, and the server rental guarantees a 7-day refund.

QWho Provide the Technical Support for Reseller?

In general, technical support is provided by NicSRS. If our technical team cannot solve it, we will contact the original service providers. We have kept a good relationship with them and can obtain fast and efficient technical support.

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If you would like to know more about the above products and solutions, please contact our technical support team and business experts immediately, they will give you professional advice!