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  • Currently, paid certificates on the market (including Geotrust, Symantec, Digcert, Entrust, Comodo, etc.) basically support Chinese. If requesting for OV and EV certificates, it is recommended in Chinese, so that the company information will be displayed in Chinese. If for a DV certificate, English is OK.

  • Encryption Algorithm& Key Size:RSA algorithm and 2048-bit key size are the new international industry standard and enough to ensure security well without special need.

  • Domain Name:
    • Please fill in “*” if website will be secured by a wildcard SSL certificate.

    • Please input a domain name or a subdomain name for the single domain certificate.

    • Only input a main domain name secured for a multi-domain SAN SSL certificate, and then enter the rest domain names when submitting the certificate.

  • In addition to generating a CSR, the web server will also export another file called a private key. Please save the two files used in the installation of SSL certificate. If the private key is lost or compromised, you need to regenerate the CSR and reissue your SSL Certificate.

  • The SSL online tool provided by NicSRS does not generate any local temporary files. Don't worry about information leakage.

  • All users of the SSL online tool provided by NicSRS can use it for free. NicSRS assumes no responsibility for any errors or losses caused by the user during and after use. Using this online tool means you accept this agreement.

  • If there is any bug in the process of using this online tool, please feel free to feedback to us, and we will continue to improve it.