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Email Signing Certificate (S/MIME)

An Email Signing Certificate, also called S/MIME Certificate, is used for end-to-end encryption to secure your email contents and attachments against data leaking and a digital signature to ensure your recipients can verify your identity. This S/MIME Certificate can help you assert email security, confidentiality and integrity. Fight the risk of a phishing attack now!

Email Signing Certificate (S/MIME) Email Signing Certificate (S/MIME)

Popular S/MIME Certificates

Email Signing (S/MIME) Certificates


Secure your emails at all times

Digitally signed emails

Digitally signed emails

to prevent from spoofing and phishing attacks

  • Affix the sender's authenticated identity to the email.
  • Recipient easily verifies sender signature's authenticity to help distinguish from spoofed emails.
  • Support non-repudiation for you are the legitimate sender.
  • Alert recipient immediately once email contents have been tampered with.
encrypted email

Encrypted emails

to protect email contents both in transit and at rest

  • S/MIME encrypted emails can only be decrypted by the intended recipient.
  • Email remains end-to-end encryption in transit and at rest on email servers.
  • Prevent data from being altered or leaking in any way by a third party.

Email Signing Certificates features and benefits

Personal S/MIME Certificate

Personal S/MIME Certificate

Used for personal email

Suitable for personal authentication

Verify email address only

Support maximum validity to 3 years

Issue instantly within just 3-5 minutes

Offer digital signature, end-to-end encryption

Available in client authentication

Digitally sign Microsoft Office and OpenOffice documents

Pro S/MIME Certificate

Pro S/MIME Certificate

Used for personal & corporate email

perfect for individuals or small businesses

Verify email address and organization info

Support maximum validity to 3 years

Issue soon within 3-7 business days

Offer digital signature, end-to-end encryption

Available in client authentication

Digitally sign Microsoft Office and OpenOffice documents

Why do you need an S/MIME certificate?

Digital signature

The email with a digital signature will showcase your own unique digital stamp that on one else can use. This allows your recipient to verify your identity and quickly know they are not getting phished.

Email encryption

S/MIME certificate uses the recipient’s public key to encrypt the email; only the intended recipient’s private key can decrypt the email. This assures the contents of the email safe from any changes both in transit and at rest!

Client authentication

S/MIME certificate, also named Client certificate, can authenticate the user identity to access to organization system or application without any password or other input, avoiding being compromised by traditional means.

Document signing

An email signing certificate is available to digitally signing Microsoft Office document for get an assurance that the recipient can verify the document is coming from you and if it's been tampered with.

Compliant with FDA

To secure email which is set up between the FDA and external entities, CBER-generated regulatory communications sent by email will only be sent to recipients via secure email. The S/MIME certificate is your best option.

Protect business reputation

Your authenticated identity by S/MIME certificate shows clearly to the recipient, and indicates him that you are not phisher or cybercriminal. It avoids damaging your reputation and keeps a good business with your partners or customers.

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FQAs on Email Signing (S/MIME) Certificate

QHow does an Email Signing Certificate work?


S/MIME certificates use asymmetric encryption to encrypt and secure your emails. To ensure that email and its attachments transmitted between sender and recipient & stored at email server are protected, these validation options use PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) to do the following: You will use the public key for authentication and the private key to generate the digital signature. This certificate will help the recipient understand that the email has not been altered or tampered with.

QWhat email clients can I use with an S/MIME Certificate?


S/MIME certificate can be utilized in the following email clients:

  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Apple Mail
  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Netscape Messenger
  • Outlook Express
  • Qualcomm Eudora

QHow do I get an S/MIME Certificates?


You can get an S/MIME certificate from Certificate Authority. You just have to prove the email ownership. If you need a Pro email signing certificate, more validation files are required, for example, organization information. Once you do this completely, CA will send you the email certificate that you can import to your email client.

To get more email security solutions, please choose your right S/MIME certificates from right now!

QCan the S/MIME certificate use on a mobile device?


Yes. However, you shall install firstly your certificate on the device or other clients, and then you can read S/MIME encrypted emails on the mobile device.