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The world's leading WebOps control panel and hosting platform

Robust server security components enable you to build an all-round development environment easily

Plesk, The world's leading WebOps control panel and hosting platform Plesk, The world's leading WebOps control panel and hosting platform

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Plesk Web Hosting

A leading virtual hosting provider and an advocate of the new generation of virtual hosts. By making use of Plesk control panel, Bisend provides secure and stable hosting products that feature free SSL certificates, all-round development environment and comprehensive website O&M, popular among webmasters and small enterprises.

Plesk Web Hosting

Plesk VPS Hosting

Alibaba Cloud is the biggest hosting provider in China. Its flexible ECS hosting is highly praised by users due to its stability and security. Through the perfect integration with Plesk, Alibaba Cloud ECS provides managed cloud hosting solutions, simplifies hosting operation and maintenance, free users from building environment, and enable users to easily access cloud and enjoy site building.

Plesk VPS Hosting

Explore Plesk Features

Simple and Intuitive Control Panel

The interface is simple, straightforward and easy to navigate, responsive on iPhones and android devices. Custom background images available.

Strong Server Security

Kaspersky Antivirus, free SSL certificates, MAGICSPAM integration, anti-spam and virus, third-party security plugin and ROOTKIT detection, DDoS protection, firewalls, etc.

One-click Deployment of Software and Free Sitebuilders

Install and deploy 100+ applications in one click, including WordPress, Discusz, DedeCMS, Magento and Drupal, and free sitebuilders too such as SitePro.

WEB Server and Website Management Automation

Multiple servers supported, such as Apache, Nginx and Litespeed. Incremental backup and online file manager are also available.

Open and Flexible Third-Party Interfaces

Seamless integration into your existing systems to build exclusive Plesk infrastructure environment. XML PRC API, CLI API, WHMCS, Ubersmith, SEO tools, etc.

Ready to Code Environment

Ready to code environment with PHP, Javascript, Perl, CGI-BIN, Ruby, Python, Tomcat, and NET, etc. It also provides online code editor, syntax highlighting, rich content editor options, website preview and Htaccess editor.


Powerful email components, including Postfix mail, Qmail, Dovecot and configuring your own email systems. The security components consist of MagicSpam, Dr.Web anti-spam, Kaspersky Antivirus and more.

Database Options and Management

All mainstream databases are supported, including MySQL, MariaDb PostgresSQL, MSSQL. Backup, recovery, import, export and such functions are available as well.

DNS Management

Convenient and Flexible DNS management, built-in DNS management. Third-party DNS systems can also be integrated.

The WebOps platform with the highest global market share. Choose Plesk to grow your hosting business.

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Why Choose Plesk

Host provider/Cloud service provider

Provide users with a Plesk control panel, make web hosting more accessible, reach more potential customers and increase revenues.

Plesk can help to improve server security and stability, allowing hosting providers to provide managed hosts or cloud host services to reduce customer support cost.


Configure an all-round development environment, support various scripting languages and databases, including multiple PHP versions, MYSQL, POST GRESQLS, NODEJS, ASP.NET, etc.

With Plesk's powerful security management functions, programmers are able to focus on development instead of server security.

Server administrator

Provide a graphic interface that's mobile responsive, making server management and monitoring more convenient.

Provide website and data backup, recovery, DNS management, file management, site building, traffic monitoring and more functions.

Plesk Q&A

QHow to install Plesk?


The installation is very simple. Based on different operating systems, the specific installation procedures are as follows:

One-click installation: sh <(curl || wget -O -
Custom installation: sh <(curl || wget -O -
Docker installation: docker run -d -it -p 80:80 -p 443:443 -p 8880:8880 -p 8443:8443 -p 8447:8447 plesk/plesk
Double-click Plesk-installer.exe to start installation

QWhat are the software and hardware requirements for Plesk?

QCan I upgrade my Plesk license?


No. For example, Plesk Admin cannot be upgraded to Plesk Pro. You'll need to purchase a new Plesk license. You can add extensions to power up the functions if necessary.

QHow to become a Plesk reseller?


Please contact our channel manager to learn more about becoming a reseller.

QWhere can I get support if I purchase Plesk from NicSRS?


NicSRS will provide the technical support. You can email us or log into NicSRS and submit tickets to obtain support. You could also search our knowledgebase or visit Plesk Documentation to find quick help.