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NicSRS web hosting, built on Linux, cPanel, and cloud infrastructure, is fast, stable, and easy to manage. All of our web hosting packages include free SSL certificates, with a choice of multiple global data centers and three hosting configuration options to meet the diverse needs of our users.

Linux Web Hosting Linux Web Hosting

Linux Web Hosting Plans

Linux Web Hosting Features

Script Support

Script Support

PHP 5.6, PHP 7.1 ~ PHP 7.3
Zend Optimizer
Node.js, Python, Perl, etc

Access and Security

Access and Security

Free SSL Certificates
Encrypted FTP access
Custom. htaccess, pseudo static
Fail2Ban Protection



MySQL 5.6+
phpMyAdmin access
Support shell access
Password protected directory



Compatible with Outlook, Thunderbird and Windows Mail
Multi-functional web email
Email forwarding, aliases and auto-respond
Anti-spam & anti-virus

Why NicSRS Linux Web Hosting?

Instant Indexing

Our servers are equipped with SSD storage and high-performance servers, enabling your website to load quickly and improve visitor experience.

Rich Features

Supporting various website development scripts, including PHP, Node.js, MySQL, multiple versions of MSSQL, free SSL certificates, automatic daily backups, etc, our service can effortlessly run various types of complex applications.

High Security

NicSRS web hosting is built on the industry-leading Cloud Linux platform, which effectively safeguards the resources of each account. Additionally, the server firewall efficiently defends against DDoS attacks, brute-force attacks, etc.

NicSRS - We provide the best service

High-Performance Servers - NicSRS employs high-performance servers equipped with SSD and multi-core CPUs to ensure smooth server operation.

Graphical Panel - NicSRS offers a free cPanel for every Linux hosting user, allowing users to perform file, database, domain, and email management tasks through the user-friendly visual interface of cPanel.

Refund Guarantee - NicSRS commits a 30-day unconditional refund policy for web hosting users, ensuring customers can make their purchases with ease.

Technical Support - NicSRS provides 24/7 technical and customer support both pre-sale and after-sale, dedicated to assisting each user in selecting the most suitable products.

NicSRS - We provide the best service

Compare Linux Hosting Plans

Item Standard Pro Business
Number of Sites 1 5 Unlimited
Storage 10GB Unlimited Unlimited
CPU 1 1 2
Memory 512MB 512MB 1GB
Traffic 50GB Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth 1MB 1MB 2MB
MYSQL Database 1 x 1GB 5 x 1GB Unlimited x 1GB
Remote Database Access
Email Accounts 5 10 50
Free SSL Certificate
PHP PHP 5.6, PHP 7.1~PHP7.3 PHP 5.6, PHP 7.1~PHP7.3 PHP 5.6, PHP 7.1~PHP7.3
Customizing PHP.ini
WordPress Toolkit
Auto-backup System backup (retain data for 7 days) System backup (retain data for 7 days) System backup (retain data for 7 days)
CodeGuard Optional Optional Optional

Linux Hosting Optional Features

SSL Certificate

NicSRS collaborates with globally renowned CAs, including GlobalSign, DigiCert, GeoTrust and Sectigo, to offer you high-quality, cost-effective SSL certificates.

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SiteLock is one of the best tools to increase cybersecurity. It facilitates your website management and helps strengthen security with its powerful features including regular website backup, malware removal, SSL certificates, daily monitoring, CMS auto patch, email notification and more.

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The content delivery network (CDN) enhances your website’s overall site speed and SEO performance as it helps to decrease the time it takes for your web pages to load.

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FAQs on SSL Certificates

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SSL Installation Guide

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SSL Tools

Use SSL Tools

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Linux Hosting Q&A

QWhich Linux web hosting do I need?


We offer 3 hosting packages - Standard, Pro and Business to meet the needs of different customers. All of them support shopping cart, WordPress, and etc.

The Standard plan is good for individuals and web developers to build demo websites. The Pro plan is designed for those who want to host more than 1 website. As the name suggests, the Business plan is for business-related websites, it will include dedicated IP, more server resource, and daily auto-backup and etc.

If your website is built using ASP.NET based on Windows OS, then you need to consider our ASP.NET hosting solution instead of Linux hosting. And if you want to get a dedicated server environment for your website, VPS Hosting is right for you.

If you are not sure which one you need, please contact NicSRS hosting support team. we are available 24/7.

QWhy Choose SSD-based web hosting?


All NicSRS web hosting are built on SSD storage. SSDs are considered the next generation alternative to HDDs (Hard Disk Drives). Compared to traditional HDDs, SSD-based hosting is more shock-resistant, operates quietly, and has shorter access time and less latency. Tests have shown that SSD web hosting offers website response times that are 300% faster than traditional web hosting. Additionally, HDDs are sensitive and even minor mishandling can result in irreversible damage, such as website data loss. In contrast, SSDs are comparatively safer and more reliable.

Considering these factors, NicSRS has been using SSDs exclusively as the storage medium for web hosting since as early as 2015, providing customers with a faster and more stable web hosting experience.

QHow many free SSL certificates can I get?


We offer Let's Encrypt SSL free to all our hosting customers. There is no limit to the number of certificates you can use. You can enable SSL on all domains and subdomains you host in our server.

Of course, we also offer paid SSL certificates, which you can purchase from our SSL certificate store.

QIf I already have a website, can I transfer it to your web hosting?


Moving your website to NicSRS is easy. You can contact our customer service for free assistance or use our migration tools. For PHP-based programs like WordPress and Joomla, configuring the destination path and clicking a button initiates automated migration, simplifying the process.

QWhat are the restrictions of using NicSRS web hosting?


NicSRS Hong Kong hosting closely monitors CPU usage, terminating processes that exceed limits to ensure other websites can run smoothly. While this may seem inconvenient at times, it guarantees your website's stability within CPU usage limits.

We expect our customers to use our web hosting services legally and responsibly, refraining from illegal, pornographic, or politically sensitive content, spamming, and storing prohibited files like mp3, videos, or software downloads.