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PositiveSSL Multi-Domain (DV) PositiveSSL Multi-Domain (DV)

PositiveSSL Multi-Domain (DV)

If you need a quick way to secure multiple domains on a single SSL certificate, then the Positive Multi-Domain SSL is suitable for you. This certificate can secure up to 250 total domains and is typically issued in mere minutes, once domain ownership is verified. Therefore, it is a great option for start-up ecommerce sites and other small businesses looking for a little boost with regards to encryption and sales.


Flexible Product

Build the certifcate you need.

PositiveSSL Multi-Domain (DV) Certificate

A quick and affordable solution to protect multiple domain names with just one certificate.

  • 1 Year# $44.10 per year

    (List Price:$148.86) Save $104.76 70% OFF

  • 2 Year# $40.57 per year

    (List Price:$148.86) Save $108.29 73% OFF

  • 3 Year# $39.25 per year

    (List Price:$148.86) Save $109.61 74% OFF

  • 4 Year# $37.93 per year

    (List Price:$148.86) Save $110.93 75% OFF

  • 5 Year# $36.60 per year

    (List Price:$148.86) Save $112.26 75% OFF

PositiveSSL Multi-Domain (DV)

PositiveSSL Multi-Domain (DV) Certificate

Cert Type: Domain Validation
Issuance: Issue within 5-10 Minutes
Warranty: $10,000 Warranty
Domain Count: Secure 3 Standard Domains



If you choose multi-year subscription, you will have to re-issue your certificate every year to meet the CA/B Forum guidelines. It is a simple, free process.

PositiveSSL Multi-Domain (DV)

Brand PositiveSSL Multi-Domain (DV)
Validation type DV(Domain Validation)
Issuance time 5-10 minutes
Domain included 3
Additional domain(s) 250
Reissuance Unlimited free reissues for certificate lifetime
Encryption Level SHA256
Available hash algorithm RSA 2048/3072/4096 & ECC
Mobile Compatibility Present in 99%+ of mobile devices
Browser Compatibility Browser recognition up to 99.9%
Warranty $10,000
Secure Seal PositiveSSL Multi-Domain (DV)
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