Entrust OV 2-Domain SSL

Based on its OV Standard Certificate, the Entrust OV SSL Certificate Advantage can add an additional domain for free, (also support www.example.com and example.com). Moreover, customers have a choice of RSA or ECC public key cryptosystems with symmetric encryption strength up to 256 bits. Thus, this Entrust Advantage certificate is more flexible than the Standard certificate.

Rating: Cert Type: OV SSL Certificate
Issuance: 1~3 days Warranty: $100,000
1 year 2 year
$578.57/yr $546.43/yr

Entrust OV 2-Domain SSL Features

Validation Type OV(Organization Validation)
Issuance 1~3 days
Domain Included Secure 1 Domain
Additional domain(s) No
Reissue YES
Encryption Level SHA256
Available hash algorithm RSA 2048/3072/4096 & ECC
Mobile Compatibility Present in 99.9%+ of mobile devices
Browser Compatibility Browser recognition up to 99.9%
Warranty $100,000
Secure Seal