Entrust OV Wildcard SSL

As we all know, a wildcard certificate can protect a single domain and all its subdomains. Entrust OV Wildcard SSL also has the same feature, but it is more flexible and cost-effective than other wildcard certificates. The Entrust wildcard certificate is SAN-compatible, which supports to add up to 250 SANs or wildcard SANs for purchase. So this kind of wildcard certificate provides flexibility and ease of use in environments that see frequent change.

Validation Level: Certificate Type:WILDCARD SSL
1 year 2 year
Certificate Price $1542.86/yr $1478.57/yr
Added Price for SAN $1028.57/yr $996.43/yr

Product Summary

Validation Type OV(Organization Validation)
Issuance 1~3 days
Default Domain 1
Max Domain 250
Reissue YES
Encryption Level SHA256
Available hash algorithm RSA 2048/3072/4096 & ECC
Mobile Compatibility Present in 99.9%+ of mobile devices
Browser Compatibility Browser recognition up to 99.9%
Warranty $100,000
Secure Seal

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