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Why You Shouldn't Go for Free Web Hosting


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Claire Y.December 28 2023

As there are multifarious web hosting solutions in the industry, many people feel hard to select the best one from a wide variety of options. Once the free web hosting shows up, most webmasters are immediately hooked by such a lure. However, some readers are hesitated whether they can choose a hosting solution for free.

To be honest, there is no such thing as a free lunch. A free web hosting plan has a lot of limitations, with which customers can only get few possibilities from the hosting provider. In this case, the website is almost impossible to develop in a reliable and secure hosting environment. Here, to keep your head still, we suggest you not to choose free web hosting and tell you the reasons as below.

Lack of Needed Features

All the hosting companies only have one goal that is making money. Thus, are they willing to provide you with what you want without getting paid from you? The answer is no. To maximum the benefits, the resource allocation of free web hosting service is much more limited than the paid one. The providers set bounds to disk space and bandwidth. In most cases, you are asked to purchase more features at an unreasonable price. As thus, the final price is much higher than some affordable hosting services.

Compulsory Advertising

For the web hosts cannot make a profit from the hosting solutions, they would realize it by using other methods, like compulsory advertising. Some free web hosting providers earn money from the advertising business, and they always ask customers to publish many ads on the web pages. And also, customers have no right to refuse to do so.

Just imagine that, if you access to a messy web page full of advertisements, will you stay on this page one more second or continue to browse the left content? Frankly, visitors prefer the website which is clean, orderly and elegant, only including the key information related to the brand. Thus, to get a good amount of traffic, you'd better reject free web hosting.

Bad Performance

There is no uptime or speed guarantee of the free web hosting service because the hosting providers would not input human and financial resources on data center maintenance. In this hosting environment, your website is likely to suffer downtime over and over which may leave a bad impression on your visitors. What's more, once running into a downtime issue, you cannot get a prompt solution because there is no technician or expert available for you.

Poor/No Technical Support

Many reliable hosting companies always invest much money and energy on the technical support with the purpose of eliminating customers' worries. However, once choosing free web hosting, such considerate after-sale service will never happen to you. This is because the free web hosting companies only provide you with unresponsive communication channels, from which you cannot contact professional support staff to get an answer as soon as possible. In some cases, you are not able to get a valid solution for there is no contact method at all.

Low Security

Unlike the paid web hosting service attaches great importance to security, the free web hosting providers think little of it. Free hosting package doesn't include SSL, SSH or some other features used to protect your website from virus, spam, identity theft, etc. Also, the companies don't offer the service of automated backup as well as assume no responsibility for any loss. That is to say, all the security issues are at your own risk, such as data loss, hack attacking, identity theft fraud, and so on. Paid Hosting Services

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