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How to Get an SSL Certificate for an IP Address?


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IceyMarch 11 2022

It is well known that SSL certificates are usually issued for a fully qualified domain name (FQDN). However, some enterprises and public institutions cannot access various types of applications via domain name, but using IP address. In order to effectively secure the data in transmission for such kind of enterprises, the SSL certificates for IP address help them implement HTTPS encryption and identity authentication. 

In this article, NicSRS will tell you the process to get an SSL for an IP address and which CAs SSL certificates are recognized to secure IP addresses. 

First of all, we need to know what an IP certificate is.

What is an IP certificate?

An IP address SSL certificate secures connection directly with the IP address submitted. It is an optional HTTPS solution for plenty of enterprise use cases where companies need SSL certificates for IP address in place of a fully qualified domain name. Both DV and OV SSL certificates can be available for a public IP address.

Before requesting an IP SSL certificate, you had better know the rules and requirements.

Requirements  for getting IP SSL Certificates

  • SSL can be issued for a public IP address. Private IP address is not permitted.
  • Applicant must have ownership of the IP address.
  • Only DV and OV certificates can be utilized for an IP address.
  • You can get a certificate for a single IP or multiple IPs.

How to choose an SSL certificate for an IP address?   

Once you are clear to the limitation for getting IP certificates, here we go to explain how to choose the right IP address SSL certificate. What you have to know the types of IP SSL certificates and which IP certificates are popular.

As mentioned above, only Domain Validation (DV) and Organization Validation (OV) Certificates are available for public IP addresses. DV SSL certificates are issued quickly within a few minutes, while OV SSL certificates for IP will be gotten in 1-3 business days once CA completes the organization validation.

Which SSL Certificates for IP address are popular?

There are not many CAs that can issue SSL certificate for IP address. Here is a list of common IP certificates that are highly recognized by customers.

  • Digicert SSL Certificate

Digicert only issues Organization Validation (OV) SSL Certificate for both a public IP address and multiple IP addresses. In other words, there are two types: Digicert OV SSL certificate and Digicert OV multi-domain SSL certificate. Thanks to its best credibility, Digicert is trusted by amounts of large organizations and financial institutions.

  • Globalsign SSL Certificate

Compare with Digicert, Globalsign also supports OV SSL certificates to protect only one IP address. As one of the world's leading provider, Globalsign SSL certificates with high compatibility and fast issuance are sought after by major Internet companies, such as Ali, Baidu, Tmall, etc.

  • Sectigo SSL Certificate

Sectigo Organization Validation SSL Certificate also secures IP address and makes users identify whether the site they are visiting is fake or legitimate. Meanwhile, you can subscribe Sectigo certificate for 5 years at once with very cheap price because it is most cost-effective OV SSL certificate for IP address in comparison with Digicert and Globalsign.

Apart of OV SSL, Sectigos subsidiary  PositiveSSL can issue DV multi-domain certificate to protect three IP addresses by default and add up to 250 SANs for fee. If you are on a tight budget, buying a PositiveSSL certificate, you will quickly activate HTTPS encryption for your multiple IP addresses as low as $35.39 per year.

  • sslTrus SSL Certificate

When it comes to sslTrus SSL certificate, it is quite different from the IP SSL certificates above. The sslTrus CA can offer both DV multi-domain SSL Certificate that secures 3 IP addresses at first and more SANs later and OV SSL Certificate for one IP address. Whats the most eye-catching is its friendly price; Buy sslTrus SSL certificate, up to 50% off now plus 30 days money back guarantee.

How to get an IP address SSL certificate?

Step 1: Order a satisfied SSL certificate for IP address.

Step 2: Submit CSR of SSL certificate.

Step 3: Verify IP address ownership.

Step 4: Download the certificate and install it.


In general, the process of obtaining IP SSL certificate is similar to getting DV or OV SSL certificate. If you are seeking a security solution for IP address, dont hesitate to contact with NicSRS who offers Sectigo, Digicert, Globalsign and sslTrus SSL certificate to encrypt your public addresses at an unbelievable price.