Digicert Basic EV Flex

Digicert Basic EV SSL Certificate offers extended validation for maximum customer trust and great long-term scalability by allowing you to add up to 250 standard domains now or later – all under one single certificate. This will simplify certificate management immensely! (This certificate is more customizable than a multi-domain SSL certificate, because you can secure 1 or 2 domains now instead of the traditional 3 domain starting point.)

Rating: Cert Type:MULTI-DOMAIN
1 year 2 year
Certificate Price $289/yr $275/yr
Added Price for SAN $135/yr $128/yr

Digicert Basic EV Flex Features

Validation Type EV(Extended Validation)
Issuance 1~3 days
Default Domain 1
Max Domain 250
Reissue YES
Encryption Level SHA256
Available hash algorithm RSA 2048/3072/4096 & ECC
Mobile Compatibility Present in 99.9%+ of mobile devices
Browser Compatibility 99.9% compatible with web browser
Warranty $1,750,000
Secure Seal