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IP SSL Certificates

An IP address SSL certificate secures connection directly with the IP address submitted. It is an optional HTTPS solution for plenty of enterprise use cases where companies need SSL certificates for IP address in place of a fully qualified domain name. Both DV and OV SSL certificates can be available for a public IP address.

IP SSL Certificates IP SSL Certificates

Most Popular IP SSL

IP SSL Certificates


What do I benefit from an IP SSL certificate?

Unmissable indicators

Once an SSL certificate for an IP address configured, the globally recognized trust indicators will in your website where activates HTTPS encryption and shows a padlock icon in the address bar.

Encryption for IP address

IP SSL is a security solution for clients (old browsers, operating systems, or mobile devices) that do not support server name indication. It will build a robust and reliable connection between clients and your servers.

Affordable cost

Both DV SSL and OV SSL certificates are available to safeguard your IP address, which are the economical types of SSL, with low cost to enable your site security.

Fast issuance

It follows a rapid issuance procedure and you can get an IP certificate within a few minutes because CA only verifies the IP address ownership of the applicant. OV SSL certificate will be issued in 1-3 workdays.

Multiple options

Both single domain and multi-domain SSL certificates can be utilized for a public IP address. Moreover, you can write an IP address in the Common Name (CN) or a Subject Alternative Name (SAN) field (if choosing a multi-domain SSL).

Better SEO ranking

SSL certificates for an IP address fully meet the security requirements of search engine, like Google or Bing, which is good to boost your site ranking.

How do I get an IP SSL certificate?

Confirm an order

Confirm an order

Submit CSR

Submit CSR

Validate IP ownership

Validate IP ownership

Download certificate

Download certificate

FAQs on SSL Certificates

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FAQs on IP SSL certificate

QWhat are requirements and restrictions on IP addresses in SSL certificates?


First of all, an SSL certificate can be issued for a public IP address.Furthermore, these are the rules and requirements to get an IP SSL certificate:

  • Your organization must own your IP address and CA will verify your IP ownership.
  • Organization and individual are able to apply for SSL certificate for an IP address.
  • Only DV and OV certificates can be utilized for an IP address.
  • You are available to choose a single domain and multi-domain SSL certificates for IP address, but not to wildcard SSL certificate for it.
  • You can compose an IP address in the Common Name (CN) or a Subject Alternative Name (SAN) field (if you have picked a multi-domain SSL).

QCan I get an SSL for private IP?


No. Since 2016, the CA/Browser Forum made SSL certificates for private IP/reserved IP and local server name with a non-public domain name suffix invalid and asked CAs to revoke any such SSL certificates. Because such reserved IP addresses and local server names (intranet) are not unique, they are easy to impersonate by attackers to commit man-in-the-middle attacks and get unauthorized access to the data. Hence, such private IPs cannot be permitted by a publicly trusted CAs. You can get a self-signed SSL certificate for private IPs and intranet addresses, though.

QHow to choose an SSL certificate for an IP address?


Domain Validation (DV) and Organization Validation (OV) certificates are able to encrypt a public IP address. And then, you shall confirm a single domain or multi-domain certificates (if you write one or more IP addresses in SAN field, please pick a multi-domain SSL).

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