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Get SSL Certificate for an IP Address


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Lois L.April 17 2024

As in most cases, SSL certificates are needed for securing a full qualified domain name. You might ask whether it's possible to secure a specified IP address. The answer is YES! Considering some enterprises do need to access through an IP address. This makes SSL certificate a necessity for such institutions to secure their data.

What is an IP Address SSL Certificate ?

IP address SSL certificate applies the same encryption strength as SSL certificates. It secures connections directly with the IP address submitted. Even though there are few certificate authorities who issue IP address SSL certificates, it is certain that you can get them. However, there are one or two things you must know before requesting SSL certificate for IP address.


1, It has to be a public IP address. Private/reserved IP address has been restricted by trusted CA since 2016. This policy improves security. Private (intranet) and reserved IP address are not unique, which can be easily attacked or impersonated. Certificate Authorities have been asked to revoke such certificates. *Private IP address can be secured by self-sighed certificate but it's not trusted by browsers.

2, CA must verify the IP address through file authentication. It is needed to upload a file to be accessible via HTTP/HTTPS. You can check the help document below ——How to Complete Domain Control Validation. If you still have questions, please contact NicSRS for help. 

3, You have complete control of the IP address.

SSL Certificate Types for IP Address

After meeting all the requirements, next thing you need to consider is which SSL certificates secure IP address. It should be noted that extended validation (EV) can not be issued for IP address. Luckily, there are several types of SSL certificates for you to choose from NicSRS. Here are some popular choices for IP address SSL certificates:

(*please contact NicSRS sales for discount

The Process of Getting SSL Certificate for IP Address at NicSRS

First, register an account on NicSRS homepage(listed below). It is an easy step to make a free account via your email. You might need to verify from your email.

Second, choose the correct SSL certificate brand for your company. Different brands and types of SSL certificates concludes various features. You can check our website for more details.

Next, choose SSL certificate validity: one year, two years, or more. You can enjoy more discounts with multi-year subscription. Then, configure options. If you need to protect more than 1 IP address, there's multi-domain SSL certificate for you to choose. You can reach out for help if you have doubts.

Last, Review and Checkout.

What Benefits You Can Get from IP Address SSL Certificate at NicSRS

Secured Encryption

Securing a public IP address with an SSL certificate improves user experience. Provide a healthier and safer cyber environment for clients and visitors. You can achieve this goal with insanely low prices through NicSRS services.

Multiple IPs Encrypted

An IP SAN SSL certificate enables to secure multiple IPs with one installment. Under the simple configuration process, identity is verified and data is secured.

Quick Issuance

The IP SSL certificate is automatically issued within minutes once the payment is completed.

Control and Management

At NicSRS, you will have full control to manage your portal.

What SSL Certificates Provided by NicSRS

We have been working with world renowned certificate authorities over ten years. Digicert, GeoTrust, GlobalSign, Sectigo (Comodo), Entrust, Thawte, Actalis, Certum, Positive SSL Certificate can be all purchased here via NicSRS with amicable prices. NicSRS also offers its own brand, sslTrus. You can choose which type of SSL certificate meets your needs, Domain Validation(DV), Organization Validation(OV), or Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates. These can be reached out on NicSRS homepage. For more products and details, please view at our website.

In short, not matter it's an IP SSL certificate or SSL certificates for domain names, SSL certificates are obligatory to secure our sensitive data and information, in order to provide a safe cyber environment for our users.