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Why You Need EV Code Signing Certificate?


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Judy WApril 8 2024

EV Code Signing Certificate is the only certificate trusted by Microsoft SmartScreen. To increase downloads by Microsoft user, You need an EV Code Signing Certificate. The security service is designed to help publishers and developers protect their software, web applications and other digital objects from being attacked by malicious third parties. Securing your software using an Extended Validation Code Signing certificate builds trust and gives confidence to your clients, while reducing warning messages in Windows and Internet Explorer due to the Application Reputation technology of Microsoft SmartScreen.

Similar to EV SSL certificates, Extended Validation Code Signing require the highest level of validation and authentication process. During the validation process, developers as well as software publishers should offer certain documentation to prove their identity. Beyond that, Extended Validation Code Signing feature two-factor authentication to make sure they go in the right hands only.

Features & Benefits of EV Code Signing Certificate

Extended Validation Code Signing include all the advantages of normal code signing and introduce essential security features to increase security and improve customer trust.

Two-Factor Authentication

An encrypted token including the private keys is stored on a USB device, which will be sent to you after you buy the certificate. The physical device is required when signing code with your Extended Validation Code Signing Certificate, making sure no unauthorized personnel could export or use your certificate.

Time-Sensitive Signing

You have the ability to insert your udisk token and use your private keys to digitally sign and timestamp your software. When your Extended Validation Code Signing Certificate is added a timestamp, your signature lives on even after the original certificate used to sign it has expired. Otherwise, your signature expires the moment your certificate expires, and you have to re-sign your code if you want it to work.

Automatic SmartScreen Reputation

The biggest advantage of using an Extended Validation Code Signing Certificate is that you receive instant Reputation given by Microsoft SmartScreen. Microsoft views you as a respectable, upstanding business after the extended validation. The reduced warning messages and increased brand reputation and end-user trust finally lead to more conversions and customer base.

Support for Hardware Security Modules (HSM)

You can install your Extended Validation Code Signing Certificate on HSMs to benefit from more control over your certificate and the private keys included. Additionally, other people in the same organization, if authorized, can access to the HSM and make use of the stored certificate to sign code.

Universal Platform Compatibility

The certificates can update automatically for different platforms such as Microsoft Authenticode and Kernel Mode, whenever you make a change to the file yourself.

Affordable & Effective

Extended Validation Code Signing Certificate is affordable. You might not agree with me at the very beginning. But think of instant trust it has offered to you, you will know it is reasonably priced, isn't? And the certificates eliminate the possibility of getting stuck with many browser warnings, a download-killing.

EV Code Signing vs. normal Code Signing

An Extended Validation Code Signing Certificate exclusively features intensive vetting of publisher – requirements of extended validation guidelines made by the CA/Browser Forum and Microsoft. Also, it requires for two-factor authentication to avoid unauthorized use and can be trusted by Microsoft SmartScreen filter besides all major browsers and operating systems.

In comparison, a normal code signing certificate needs only standard vetting and stores private keys locally instead of on external hardware. A normal code signing certificates could be trusted by most of browsers and OS, but Microsoft SmartScreen filter only trust EV Code Signing.

Who Offers Best EV Code Signing Certificates?

There are many trusted Certificate Authorities (CAs) offer EV Code Signing Certificate with different pricing and features. Following are best of the best ones based on our experience and user feedback.

Symantec EV Code Signing Certificate

Though Symantec has ups and downs in these years, it remains the most recognized SSL certificate brand in the industry. With the partnership with Microsoft, Symantec integrates Extended Validation Code Signing certificate status with their SmartScreen reputation services in Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Internet Explorer. The certificate comes with enhanced protection by using hardware token and PIN to protect your keys, along with features like multiple modes, Microsoft compliance and extended support. The starting price of Symantec EV Code Signing certificate is $580 per year and you can benefit from an incomparable NetSure Protection Plan—an extended warranty program that includes up to a whopping $1,500,000.

Comodo EV Code Signing Certificate

Comodo has become a byword of cheap SSL certificates these days. The security service provider is becoming an important role in offering complete, end-to-end security solutions for enterprises and individuals. With offices in the US, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine, and China, Comodo secures the online and offline eco-system of thousands of clients worldwide.

Comodo EV Code Signing Certificate gives software developers the ability to digitally sign their code to prove it has not been modified by a third party. With the certificate, you can instantly establish SmartScreen Application Reputation in Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. Also, it supports all major 32bit/64bit formats, such as Microsoft Authenticode, Kernel-Mode Software, Adobe Air, Apple applications and plugins, Java, MS Office Macro and VBA, Mozilla object files and Microsoft Silverlight applications. Currently, Comodo EV Code Signing Certificate costs you only $299/mo, along with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

DigiCert EV Code Signing Certificate

Digicert is a leading digital certificate provider in the world, offering solution like SSL Certificate, PKI, IoT, and more. It is estimated that the company is securing over 26 billion web connections every day, including some world's top brands like PayPal, CloudFlare, and Verizon.

If you're looking for an affordable solution to sign Kernel Mode drivers, receive instant reputation in Microsoft SmartScreen, and finally boost customer confidence, DigiCert has the best answer. DigiCert EV Code Signing Certificate starts at only $331 per year and works across a wide variety of platforms, including Microsoft Authenticode, Microsoft Office & Microsoft VBA, Microsoft Kernel-Mode Code Signing, Java, Adobe AIR, and Mozilla Objects.

Entrust EV Code Signing Certificate

Entrust Datacard is a privately held website security services provider founded in 1969 and headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. By utilizing trusted identity and secure transaction technologies, the company delivers reliable and secure experiences both physical and digital solutions.

Entrust EV Code Signing Certificate ensures that IE9 grants immediate reputation, helping avoid SmartScreen filter warnings. Apart from compatibility with major platforms, the certificate supports Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10, remove "unknown publisher" security warnings, imports timestamp, includes FIPS 140-2 Level 2 or equivalent hardware token to protect private keys. Moreover, this is a cost-effective security solution that is billed at $399 each year.

The good news is, all above Extended Validation Code Signing are offered by NicSRS, though some of which have not been hit the shelves. If you need, you can contact our sales support and we can specially register it for you.