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Sectigo (formerly Comodo CA) is the world's number one commercial CA, taking in nearly 40% of the market share so far. Sectigo is recognized as the most trusted certificate provider by millions of webmasters and has ensured the safety of numerous websites due to its strong security and unbeatable price. With a wide range from Code Signing and SMIME to all different types of SSL, Sectigo and its subsidiary PositiveSSL play an essential role in securing online communications for individuals, small to medium scale businesses or large enterprises.

Sectigo SSL Certificate Sectigo SSL Certificate

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Sectigo SSL Certificates


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Sectigo SSL Products PositiveSSL Multi-Domain PositiveSSL Wildcard Sectigo OV SSL Sectigo OV Wildcard SSL Sectigo EV Multi-Domain/UCC
Domains Secured 3 Standard Domains Unlimited Subdomains on a Same Domain 1 Standard Domain Unlimited Subdomains on a Same Domain 3 Standard Domains
Subscription Duration 1-5Years 1-5Years 1-5Years 1-5Years 1-5Years
Validation Type Domain Validation Domain Validation Organization Validation Organization Validation Extended Validation
Green Address Bar
Issuance Speed 3-5 Minutes 1-3 Days 1-3 Days 1-3 Days 1-3 Days
Unlimited Server Licenses
Strongest SHA2 & ECC Encryption
Major Browser Compatibility
Priority Support
Free Expert Support
Warranty $ 10,000 $ 10,000 $ 1,000,000 $ 1,000,000 $ 1,750,000
Certificate Purchase Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now
completely new name, same great certificates

Sectigo - completely new name, same great certificates

Comodo CA is now Sectigo. Even though the name and logo have altered, you can still enjoy the same quality, industry-best pricing and wonderful service. Sectigo is regarded as one of the fastest and most cost-effective solution providers for website security and customers' privacy. When it comes to its distinctive features, these tags such as affordable, scalable or flexible make an indelible impression on you. As a result, Sectigo SSL certificates are popular in personal websites, small and medium-sized businesses or large organization.

Sectigo SSL certificate has been also constantly innovative. For example, the unique "click verification" feature of Sectigo. Whenever visitor moves the mouse over the Sectigo Dynamic Site Seal on your website, and the trust seal will immediately showcase your domain and business are both properly verified and fully protected by Sectigo. The sensitive data transmitted between clients and servers are also secured with 2048-bit signatures and up to 256-bit encryption.

Sectigo's root certificates are embedded in all main browsers and system devices that are trusted by 99.9% of Internet users. To summarize, the Sectigo Dynamic Site Secure Website Seal, rapid issuance times, faster validation, affordable pricing for all kinds of buyers and a greater level of trust in your business make Sectigo outstanding in such a competitive industry.

What do I benefit from Sectigo SSL certificate?

Globally trusted CA

With Comodo's DNA, Sectigo has achieved its mark in the SSL industry and served thousands of clients of all sizes of businesses and individuals. Sectigo SSL certificates are trusted globally over 150 countries and chosen by 30% of Fortune 1000 companies.

Lowest price SSL

As a strategic partner of Sectigo, bring a heavy discount on Sectigo SSL certificates to meet every size of enterprises' security need, save your hard-earned money, and increase your customers' confidence.

Robust encryption

Sectigo SSL certificates provide 256-bit encryption that makes impossible for cybercriminals to compromise or tamper ongoing information. Moreover, Sectigo root certificates carry 2048-bit CSR encryption that provides strong root security.

High compatibility

Sectigo SSL has more than 99% browser compatibility whether it is desktop or mobile browsers. Most of the browsers recognize its root certificates therefore; visitors will never face any SSL warning and can enjoy a better browsing experience.

Free Sectigo site seal

Sectigo Site Seal assures customers and visitors that the website is verified and authenticated by Sectigo CA. The SSL site seal also displays real-time stamp and can be placed on any web page to boost customers' trust and confidence.

Boost Google rankings

Google has announced that HTTPS will help to boost SEO ranking, so Sectigo SSL certificates is a perfect option within your budget to secure your website. It not only enhances customer's confidence but also increases ROI of your business.

SSL Certificate Monitoring Service

Provide SSL certificate security monitoring and reminders for multiple nodes to effectively solve SSL certificate management and maintenance issues.

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