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Organization Validation (OV) SSL Certificate offers businesses the professional-level security at an extremely cheap price. It’s an excellent choice for organizations to activate robust connection by up to 256-bit symmetric encryption and to exhibit business authenticity to their customers. In most cases, it only takes 1-3 workdays to finish the organization validation and then you'll get your OV SSL certificate.

OV SSL Certificates


Professional-level security with OV SSL to safeguard your businesses

Professional-level security with OV SSL to safeguard your businesses

OV SSL certificate provides light business authentication and world-class encryption. It is a perfect middle type between the ease and performance of DV and EV certificate. Once it is configured in your stie, a variety of unmissable indicators including a padlock icon and your company information will tell visitors that the site is reliable and trustworthy.

  • Preferred certificate for enterprises
  • Validated organization name in cert & seal
  • Globally recognized trust indicators – HTTPS & Padlock
  • Cover single domain, multi-domain, wildcard, IP address, etc.

What an OV SSL certificate looks like in different browser?

What an OV SSL certificate looks like in different browser
Robust 256-bit symmetric encryption
Display organization name in the certificate
Activate HTTPS, the padlock icon & dynamic secure seal
Support single domain, multi-domain, wildcard, IP address.

What do I benefit from an OV SSL certificate?

FAQs on OV SSL certificate


What is an OV SSL certificate?


Organization Validated certificate is a type of more advanced and better SSL solution over the entry-level DV SSL in validation. The difference between OV certificate and domain validated (DV) certificate is that a little extra vetting is required to confirm that you not only own your domain but that your organization is also legit.


What are features of OV SSL certificate?

  • Strict organization validation and domain validation.
  • Compatible with all browsers and mobile devices.
  • Protect both www and non-www domains at the same time.
  • Display organization information in certificate detail.

Who should use an OV SSL certificate?


Any organization that wants to assert its identity. OV SSL certificate is also ideal for Enterprise environments and it’s the only type of SSL certificate that can secure IP addresses.


How to choose an OV SSL certificate?

  • OV SSL certificate is a good choice for enterprise website involving these pages such as registration, login, membership center, etc. You can choose the proper cert based on the quantity of domains and certificate brand.
  • Organization validation certificate supports to protect single domain, multi-domain and unlimited subdomains.
  • Digicert (Symantec) is the most powerful organization validation (OV) SSL certificate in the industry. Digicert certificate has advanced features like daily malware scans and vulnerability assessments, providing top-level security and the highest trust. So, it is the most versatile OV certificate and the preferred brand for large companies.
  • Entrust is a well-known CA vendor in the world, second only to Symantec. Entrust OV SSL certificate supports the malware scans, which can effectively prevent the website attacked, and at the same time will boost search engine ranking. The certificate of Entrust is issued quickly, and compatible in more than 99.6% of WEB servers and browsers. Moreover, Entrust certificate is more favorable in cost.
  • Due to the features of high encryption and cheap price of Sectigo and GeoTrust certificates, they have been one of the most popular SSL certificates in the industry, and the best choice for SMBs.